Emanuele Monegato – Anarchici (su carta)

Emanuele Monegato – Anarchici (su carta) – Libraccio Editore, 2014.

Through the voices of Joseph Conrad, Henry James, H.G. Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Alan Moore, Anarchici (su carta) [/Anarchists on paper] delves into the dynamics of ‘anarchist’ representation (on paper, indeed) in late Victorian England and considers how these narratives managed to articulate the plurality of the anarchist experience both in popular and high culture.

Mocking avengers with masked faces, seditious princes of far-off lands, scoundrel terrorists, and budding bombers: these are the protagonists of anarchy that the turn of the century delivers to the collective imagination, in turn reinterpreted by contemporaneity, and who crowd a suggestive picture, albeit partial, of the London underground world that connects the fin de siècle to the contemporary age.