The project

C.H.A.I.N. is a project

  • dealing with Cultural Studies as theory and practice
  • born from the researches and teaching at the practice of language mediation and intercultural communication at the University of Milan, but in connection with other academic institutions, both national and international
  • committed to an eclectic approach to the digital humanities as a tool for the critical investigation of cultures.  

Our basic issues are:

  • the forms of evil, oppression, marginalization and slavery in contemporary cultures
  • their representations in current narratives of different types (prose, poetry, films, visual texts, performances, theatre, music)
  • their relationship with legal issues and the various forms of identity, belonging, estrangement, marginality and/or integration experienced in various context

The project includes researches on:

  • crime and genre fiction as social narratives
  • visual narratives (films and other visual texts)
  • non fiction narratives

The project has recently included the Docucity project, on documentary films and the contemporary metropolis (See related page)