CRIMINARE: CRIme, MIgration, NArration, REsistance

The conference focuses on the current narratives of migration and is meant to reflect on how the notion of crime and the representation of the migrant are related to the current representation of the Other. 

CRIMINARE is rooted in the assumption that the media-based perception of the migrant as a would-be criminal in the context of European cities is often uncritically appropriated by the public opinion and may be resisted through the tool of storytelling. Therefore, literary, filmic and visual popular narratives have a strong impact in supporting and consolidating this stereotype, which constitutes a major obstacle to a balanced and socially more constructive approach to the issue of migration. 

The conference is meant to compare different narratives from different cultural backgrounds, ranging from music, TV series and film to literature, graphic novel and art.

Info location

Università degli Studi di Milano 
Polo di Mediazione Interculturale e Comunicazione di Sesto S. Giovanni – aula T12 
P.zza Montanelli, 1 – 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI) 

Public Transport: MM1 (Red Line – Linea Rossa) – Sesto Marelli 

Video interviews

Here are a series of interviews with Criminare’s guests and keynote speakers. Many thanks to Unimi – CTU for the valuable support. 

Letters from the CIE (Identification and Expulsion Centre) 

Barbed wire, soldiers, search dogs and torchlights in the night. Even in Italy there is an internal frontline, just like in Eastern Europe. But the battle against migrants is taking place through the Identification and Expulsion Centers (CIEs) 

Letters from CIE is part of a bigger visual project about the Identification and Expulsion Centers in Italy. Italy, and other European countries, are at the center of serious violations of human rights with the detention and forced deportation of thousands of migrants. The Identification and Expulsion Centers are deplorable examples of the contradictions of Italian and European laws on migration.


  1. Is it possible to attend the conference as a listener?
    Yes, the entrance to the conference is free.  
  2. Powerpoint is needed for my talk.
    The rooms in which the conference is held are provided with wi-fi connection, computer, projector, microphone and amplification system. We strongly advise that the delegates have their presentation on a pendrive, both in .ppt AND .pdf. 
  3. When will I be given my certificate of attendance? 
    Delegates and speakers will be given the certificate at the end of each session