Seminar by Nazzareno Mazzini

New Seminar! Graduate students attending the MA course in Anglo-American Culture are invited to the seminar “Keep Watching: I luoghi e gli eroi del Sud nelle serie televisive” by Nazzareno Mazzini, which will be held on March 9. The purpose of this seminar is to provide graduate students in the culture of the United States the opportunity to meet and interact with one another, while also learning about the ‘New’ Golden Age of TV series.

This is the synopsis of the talk: starting from a little book by Prof. Mazzini (Keep Watching, which came out from a university course aimed at all those who got a little lost in the mare magnum of the TV series on offer), the speaker and co-hosts will explore the roots of the new and dazzling Golden Age of TV series that began towards the end of the century. Lastly, the speaker will analyze some of the works of greater success and complexity.

Venue: Microsoft Teams

For further information see on this website and the dedicated poster below.

Bibliographical reference:

Nazzareno Mazzini, KEEP WATCHING Piccola guida alle serie televisive, Ledizioni, 2020.

Nazzareno Mazzini (MA in Theoretical Philosophy) has been video director and creator of communication campaigns for the studio he founded (Studio Calabiana). He has been teaching for almost thirty years at the IED in Milan, where he is also thesis supervisor. His areas of expertise are: language and history of cinema, theory and method of mass media, analysis and criticism of television series. He is also a lecturer at IES Abroad Milan, a US university of studies abroad, where he teaches The Cinema of Milan, Gender in Italian Cinema, Videostorytelling courses. He has organized numerous cineforums, held various workshops, conferences and meetings in various public and private venues. In 2015 he published a book on Milan’s cinema: La nebbia non c’è più.