Seminar “Le forme del male” in pictures

It’s time for a new photo story! So, here is a seminar in pictures.

As part of our English Culture courses, we had the pleasure of hosting the two-day seminar Le forme del male [“The forms of evil”]. The focus of the seminar was on forms of evil in both literature and the medical field.
All the talks took place during class hours in November 2021 and were delivered by national and international experts. To have an idea of what we discussed during the seminar and to see more photos, go to the section devoted to conferences or click here.

But have a look at these photos first!


Speakers: Isabella Merzagora & Carlo Alfredo Clerici

Chair: Paolo Caponi


Speakers: Maurizio Ascari, Barbara Pezzotti & Nicoletta Vallorani

Chairs: Emanuele Monegato & Anna Pasolini

Below you can find the flyer of the seminar.